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    "4 Days Cruise with Española"
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    "5 Days Cruise with Genovesa"
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    "8 Days Cruise with Isabela"
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Discovering the Galapagos islands on board Anahi M/C First Class

We are a licensed Galapagos tour operator based in Puerto Ayora-Galapagos and an office in Quito Ecuador with many years of experience taking travel visitors to "the Galapagos Islands" while enjoying of a comfortable first class motor catamaran, excellent naturalist guide and a friendly and nice crew.

A Catamaran is the best way to discover the Galapagos islands because is a two hauls ship, better stability and due to its speed: smoot and faster than a Motor Yacht, we always arrive earlier to our visitor sites than M/Yachts and bigger boats. Anahi Catamaran gives you the chance to experience the Galapagos islands in its fullest.

We are not a huge multinational, we are 100% locally owned Galapagos tour operator with people ready to reply. Please leave us your trip requests. We are here to help you to design your lifetime trip.

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