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"Galapagos day tour from San Cristobal USD.247 pp"

Española island 07:30 from the pier of San Cristobal, bound for the Spanish island after a rough navigation between 01H40 and 02h00 arrival at Punta Suarez, where we walk back along the trail of it we can see a lot of birds like Spanish albatross, footed boobies Blue, Nazca boobies, mockingbird Spanish, tropical birds, hawks, as well as the Red-Green Iguana Spanish colonies of sea lions among others, this hike lasts 2 hours.
Punta Suarez back in the boat continue towards islet Gardner, here we perform the immersion with divers or activity snorkel for Snorkelers also, one hour duration or one and a half, to be back in the boat and lunch at 14:00 . Activities by naturalist guide who will give explanations on the visitor sites and answer your concerns about the flora and fauna. Return to San Cristobal between 16:30 and 17:00. (The diving activity is a single tank).

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