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Isabela Day Tour USD.175 pp. from Puerto Ayora


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"Galapagos day tours from San Cristobal USD.235 pp"

Española island with Suarez Point 07:30 from the pier of San Cristobal, bound for the Spanish island after a rough navigation between 01H40 and 02h00 arrival at Punta Suarez, where we walk back along the trail of it we can see a lot of birds like Spanish albatross, footed boobies Blue, Nazca boobies, mockingbird Spanish, tropical birds, hawks, as well as the Red-Green Iguana Spanish colonies of sea lions among others, this hike lasts 2 hours.
Punta Suarez back in the boat continue towards islet Gardner, here we perform the immersion with divers or activity snorkel for Snorkelers also, one hour duration or one and a half, to be back in the boat and lunch at 14:00 . Activities by naturalist guide who will give explanations on the visitor sites and answer your concerns about the flora and fauna. Return to San Cristobal between 16:30 and 17:00. (The diving activity is a single tank).

"Galapagos day tours from Puerto Ayora from USD.175 pp"

Isabela island with Tontoreras Two hours speed boat ride to Isabela which is the largest island of the Galapagos archipelago. Just after the arrival we do take a truck called "chiva" to the wetlands - a lagoon with flamingos and afterwards you will visit the breeding center in Isabelato see giant tortoises of various ages and sizes.
Tintoreras is an islet south from Puerto Villamil, takes the name from the white tip reef sharks. Calm turquoise crystal clear waters bay. Marine iguanas, reef sharks, sea turtles, sea lions and with some luck penguins and rays.

North Seymour Island with Bachas/Mosquera You will take the bus to Itibaca canal, in the canal you will take a short panga ride out to the tour boat. The boat trip is of 45 minutes to North Seymour. Walk of 2.5 km trail: magnificent and great frigate birds, blue footed boobies, swallow tailed gull, sea lions, land iguanas, lava lizards and peilicans. Lunch aboard
Bachas beach on the northern coast of Santa Cruz or Mosquera islet. Snorkel and relaxing walk. Colorful reef fish, rays, white tip reef sharks and green turtles.

Floreana Island with little luck and during the navigation, we may be able to observe marine turtles, manta rays, several species of marine birds and perhaps whales. Once we arrive at Pto. Velasco Ibarra, a local water taxi will transport us from the speed boat to the pier of the town. There, we will have great chances to meet sea lions and marine iguanas enjoying the morning sun! Then, we will take a local transportation known as “Chiva” and start a 30 minute ride up to the highlands of Floreana Island. The chiva will ascend following a mud road surrounded by typical dry vegetation of the coastal area. On our way, we will also encounter some giant Galapagos tortoises. They are very sensible and shy. After a short rest, we go for a 1 km walk to the place known as “La Loberia”, a bay of beautiful scenery. The main attraction of this place is the presence of a small colony of sea lions (Zalophus Wollebacki). There is also a great chance to observe marine iguanas (Amblyrhynchus Cristatus) resting on the rocky areas. In the water of the bay we will be able to observe marine turtles (Chelonia Midas Agazzisi). We will also have time to spend snorkeling.

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